Write that down

I can´t believe it’s been more than a year since I last posted something in here.

I was about to close this space a few moths ago, for some reason I didn’t, and tonight this space came to my mind and I felt the need to come here again and tell you a story – or tell myself a story for that matter – there’s just something about writing down your thoughts than just, well, thinking them, even if no one reads them.

In new year’s eve I made only one resolution, to write everyday on my notebook, fill it in with important things that happened that day, that made me think of something or feel something, documenting something that caught my attention, write down my feelings, be grateful, if I had nothing to say I would just take a picture of something or someone that summed up that day or that I just liked to be there in that page.


I know this is a shitty image but I liked the quote (I guess we are leaving aesthetics aside just this once).

I found that this gave me peace of mind -I write at night- and even though I don’t do it every day -In fact it has been more than a month since I’ve touched that notebook- I feel different, better, when I do it, I can really rest when I sleep, cause I don´t have to keep whatever happened that day, my feelings and thoughts dancing around my mind for the night, cause its all in there, in all the pages of my notebook (Its all blank paper, my favourite). It gives me a sense of relief, Its like sharing it, I guess thats why also like this blog, because even though I write for me I know there’s someone somewhere who feels the same or maybe I will give you an idea like this that’ll help you somehow and I think that is absolutely awesome, but I think Im loosing focus so…

One other HUGE impact that doing this writing has caused, is that I now feel the need to do something important everyday, something worth writing for, something that makes me proud, or maybe doing something for me that I haven’t done lately, or helping someone, or be productive or just simply do something different as little as it is, but different.

Why is it huge? Because I’M changing my life everyday, and lifts me up, and makes me wanna be better, and therefore makes me happier. Also by writing what happened and how I feel about it or my perspective of things has got me to know myself better, how I think, what really matters and what doesn’t, and I could keep on writing about this and what other things this practice does for me, but It is already a long post and, you know, everyone hates spoilers.

So, be sure to try it at home (Or wherever the heck you want). Whatever it is, write that down.

Best of luck

Une Fleur de Lis

(For inspiration to start)