How to be amazed …in your own city


Painting found on Pinterest, São Paulo, Brasil.

Today I found myself reading a friends blog, right now she’s a backpacker in Brasil! yep she left school (only for this semester don’t panic), took her things and got on a plain with a friend to go see Brasil, I’ll tell you a little bit about her, you see she’s a free spirit, has been to Brasil previously, I’m not sure for how long but a few years back she stayed with a family in Sao Paulo, and she has been in love with the country and culture since then, after that she went to Africa as a missioner she stayed there for a few months as well, she travelled a little bit more god knows where and then she went on exchange for a semester to Spain and obviously traveled around Europe, she got back home and 2 or 3 months later she took off to Brasil, god i wish i had her life, to see what she has seen, to live what she has lived right?
Now she has a blog and writes all about her trips in Brasil and the friends she meets and new experiences that come along every trip, I have to say I was surprised of her writing and not only that, but the way she experiences every single thing that happens day by day.

We all know that feeling when you’re away on a new adventure, away from home, ready for adventure and to be surprised by whatever we may find along the road, and we have a tendency to feel more deeply every event, we appreciate more everything we see, any act of kindness from a local towards a tourist like us, in a way it is because I guess is true that when you travel and you are in a completely different environment you sort of find yourself in a way, perhaps completely maybe just the parts that where hidden inside you and now come out to live to the fullest every experience, it all maximizes, and reading her blog reminded me of that, the way she describes things, she just really transmits to the reader what she is going through and how she lives it how she experiences it, but more importantly she transmits how grateful she is for every little thing, the way she describes how she finds beauty in the architecture on a church in Belo Horizonte which is not a very touristy city and how it changes all the perspective of the city, on how walking is so enjoyable specially when traveling because you can see more closely and carefully all the details in the city and to see actually what is going on there with its people, its buildings, you really do take the time to appreciate everything and that just makes the whole trip beautiful and you do feel grateful to be able to be where you are, to see what you see and actually appreciate it, to meet new and interesting people that maybe just talked to you for a minute and you probably won’t see each other ever again but you where able to have a nice maybe deep conversation with them like with an old friend and  that is something beautiful and also unexpected which makes the trip special and also a beautiful memory you will always have with you.

So after a long time I found a little bit of inspiration again, and I thought, we should do that not only when we travel (I hope it happens soon though), In a city like Monterrey, where I live we are always rushing from one thing to another, from home to work, to school, to classes, courses, getting the food, meeting with friends, pay the bills, we are all moving too fast, which is no surprise cause is a very busy city, there is no time for anything, but we should take time, take the time to walk around the city, get to know your own city, get inspired, take a close slower look to the architecture, walk around the centre of the city, go to places you normally dont frequent, discover a new bar, a new restaurant, see how life happens around you, the colors of your city, take a breath and get to know people randomly on the street, on a park, a cafe, ask them about their lives, their dreams, their plans, you might be surprised of what you may find, and believe me you won’t be disappointed.

You can find beauty and inspiration in everything, anything and in anyone, and be amazed, just gotta look for it the right way and that to me is pure art. Just go walk, find life.

Une Fleur de Lis