Honesty is important, honestly!

I appreciate honesty. I very much appreciate honesty actually.

And why is it so hard for anyone to just be  honest? because honestly that would make things so much easier, better and kick off hypocrisy out of the way, which is the thing i hate most in this life (besides waiting, flying insects and assholes) .

I know, you must be thinking what the heck is wrong with me, or why am i so upset about this.

Well lately I’ve

Image been thinking a lot about this whole thing, and yes, of course there’s a particular reason for this.

I am a person with a lot of friends, i know, real ones are counted with the fingers on your hand and that little particular group is kind of falling apart, yes i know! this shouldn’t be happening is not like we are kids in high school anymore at least not this childish way. Turns out that while i was still away on exchange about almost a year ago my friends started to have problems and taking sides til now where our group is separated in two, and i came down by the conclusion that it was all because of hypocrisy and lack of honesty, if someone did anything that bothered the others they would not say anything and later bitch about it and criticize people instead of just talking about it and resolving the fucking problem. You see, the thing that happens when you don’t talk about something is that you stay apart and start making your own ideas of the situation and even the other’s person perspective and you just start believing that til you realize, that little problem became a huge war for what may be a very stupid thing, even a misunderstanding, but the problem with this people is that if you ask them they don’t say what they think, and yes sometimes you don’t want to say anything for the fear of maybe being too honest, but still i think that’s the only way to get out of any conflict you may as well take the chance at least everything would be said and on the table.

there’s a lot of reasons why i prefer honesty, not only in this case but always, in every aspect of your life, it just makes it less complicated, much less complicated believe it. whether it is being honest with yourself, with a friend in a bad situation, with a boss, a partner, your boyfriend/girlfriend, your wife your kid, anyone it is 99% of the times best to be honest.

I decided that i cannot expect honesty from anyone at least if i’m not honest first, and I’ve been trying my best to be honest at all times, for me its harder when i have to tell someone something that they not might like but its for their own good, you know a bad work or task so they don’t end up making fun of themselves in front of the boss or something like that it’s hard but at the end its for the best, like with my friends i’m honest all the time weather they like what i have to say or not (note: only do this when they ask for it, don’t jump up and attack them unless is a deadly situation) and believe it or not, it has worked great for me, and people really appreciate this from me, so try and do it, weather its on being honest in your CV and skills  with the HR people at an interview, with something you don’t like about your friends behavior, your boyfriend habits, your mother, your colleague and even yourself , you don’t like something say it, you really love something say it louder! please try it. It has saved me so much trouble and unpleasantness and brought me so much peace, well being, and even laughter. Just remember that whatever’s on your mind, it is worth saying.